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Energy Sources

Primary non-renewable sources:

  • fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal);
  • "fuels" nuclear.

    The search for new sources of primary energy (fossil fuels, nuclear) is not a path to pursue, both for global risks ... MORE




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primary renewable sources

Design and Engineering Services

Proteus s.r.l. is an engineering services society active since 1995 in the power plants planning sector. In the last years it focused its activity in the field of renewable energy sources and gained considerable technical and administrative knowledge related to the design and construction of these type of power plants.
Solid experiences in the power plants sector with a growing interest for highly innovative technologies allow us to offer our clients the most evolved solutions to satisfy their needs in the fields of power plants and renewable energies.






Plans we have realized

Proteus contributed in the last years to the photovoltaic development of initiatives in Italy for about 82 MW


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